I’m Liz Applegate, a certified (mid)life coach and host of the Midlife Schmidlife podcast. I help women reclaim their confidence to recreate their lives and redefine midlife.

I’ll be honest, the word “midlife” makes me cringe. But when my own life became a roller coaster of changes and emotions throughout my 40’s, I realized that I had hit my “middle years”. As my sons were graduating high school, I began to question who I was, what I wanted and how to live with renewed purpose and passion. I came to realize that society’s message about women aging,  “good girl” rules we still live by and a lack of resources and positive examples are keeping us playing small. My journey has been the catalyst for me wanting to help women live a vibrant and fulfilled midlife.

and I help women who are ready to live their best (mid)life by helping them learn to ask for what they want and realize they are worthy of receiving it. My clients are building businesses, starting non-profits, planning trips, living in joy and learning to love themselves, maybe for the very first time. My own story inspired me to become a life coach, a podcaster, to build my own business and help women just like you. I can’t wait to see what we can do together.  Save

The Midlife Schmidlife podcast combines inspiring stories and practical advice to help you turn your “maybe someday’s” into today.

The Midlife Schmidlife podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and I Heart Radio.

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Episode 22: Creating Space for Healing with Sherry Trentini

I know you are going to love today’s conversation with Sherry Trentini. Sherry is a mom of two daughters, one who just graduated from high school. she is from Canada and has lived in Europe and Australia. In mid-40’s she finished a Spartan Race but most important, she...

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