Rewriting Your Inner Script with Tracie Nichols and Liz Applegate of the Midlife Schmidlife PodcastI love when I get recommendations for podcast guests from my friends. I feel they know me enough to know who I will click with and who will be great for the show. So when my friend Lara Heacock of Kind Over Matter introduced today’s guest to me, I knew immediately that Tracie and I would have a wonderful conversation.

Tracie Nichols is a nature-loving poet, mother of three adult children, amateur photographer, speaker, facilitator and career and leadership coach. She has an incredibly eclectic career path, a deep curiosity about and love for people of all kinds and a deep commitment to nurturing a quiet revolution toward compassion, equity and inclusion. She also holds a masters degree with a ridiculously long name: M.A. in Transformative Learning and Change with an emphasis in Human and Organizational Transformation.

Tracie also says that she is multipotentialed (another term for being multi-passionate), introverted and identifies as an highly sensitive person (HSP). Never heard of HSP? Well if you’ve ever wondered why the evening news seems overwhelming, you can “feel” the energy of others, are deeply moved by the arts and maybe even can hear the buzz of neon lights…you may be an HSP.

But even if you can’t relate to her qualities, this is a wonderful interview about living your giftedness as being truly you.

Tracie shares her story and how she supports people like herself find a career they love and aligns with who they are. We have many laughs and share many stories in this episode.

What Tracie and I Talk About

  • Dispelling myths around being multi-passionate.
  • The downfall of how society sees a multi-passionate person.
  • The challenges that a highly sensitive people face in society.
  • Why it’s important to live a life as a person who is being true to yourself.
  • Why it can be overwhelming to learn that you are a multipotentialed person.
  • How multiapotentialed parents are helping their multipotentialed children.
  • Her connection with nature and why she feels it’s an important part of who she is.
  • Who Tracie loves to work with.

Books and Resources We Discuss

Connect with Tracie