Hey there Schmidlifer!

Liz Applegate of http://midlifeschmidlife.comI’m Liz Applegate, a 50-year-old empty-nester who had major life transition in my 40’s.

It may look as if I have this mid-life stuff figured out but in fact, I experienced what I call “my unraveling” about seven years ago.

You see, my oldest graduated high school and was headed off to college. With my two younger sons soon to follow, I knew my life was in the midst of dramatic change – and I wasn’t prepared.

Who was I when I wasn’t their mother in their day-to-day lives? Who was I now that “this” phase of my life, a phase that seemed just as dramatic as becoming a mother 18 years ago, was ending? I began to question my career, my relationships, and even my mortality.

Soon came other changes, like a near-emergency full hysterectomy that plunged me into full-blown menopause at the age of 46. And then, heartbreakingly, I ended my relationship with my mom when I realized that I couldn’t keep returning with hope only to be torn down with accusations and an inability to want to mend a hurtful past.

I like to joke that my mid-40’s was my “Red Wine and Chocolate Phase,” but in reality, I felt very alone and it didn’t feel like a joke.

I came to realize that the messages about midlife that I had received from society as well as examples from my family didn’t need to be my realities. I had a choice: stay stuck in my grief or mend, heal and embrace the gift of this new place.

And that’s what I chose.

Slowly, with counseling and life coaching, I recreated the life I wanted to live. I began looking at dreams long forgotten, those “maybe someday’s” I had pushed aside and took steps to make them a reality. I became a CLCC Certified Courageous Living Coach and started to believe I still had so much more to give and enjoy. I embraced my flaws, my changing body, and learned to heal those broken places inside that I never admitted to myself. I was becoming who I was meant to be and most of all, I wanted to help others experience the same.

Maybe you can relate to parts of my story, or maybe you realize there is a transition happening in your life. What I do want you to know is that I created Midlife Schmidlife for you. This community is an online space to help you connect and redefine your middle years. It’s a place of inspiration and support but also a space for laughter and getting real.

I consider myself a second-chance enthusiast and a positive change facilitator. It’s my passion to help redefine the messages we’ve been receiving about aging. You don’t need permission from anyone but yourself to change careers, get a tattoo, voice our opinion, start a business or anything else you’ve been dreaming of. It’s up to us to examine the “should’s” we carry around and the “stories” we tell ourselves. It’s time to step fully into our strengths and love ourselves like we may never have before.

Midlife (at whatever age, even if you aren’t ready to define it) is the new 30, just with a whole ‘lotta wisdom.

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