Today’s guest on the Midlife Schmidlife podcast is Business and Brand Alignment Coach, Hélène Scott, who guides multi-passionate, soulful women to help them build a business that they alone were born to create.

Hélène and I met online when I began following her in the early stages of building my own business. I loved her message which was about creating a business that was as unique as I was. I certainly didn’t feel that I fit in the mold of the extroverted online entrepreneur with the 1,2,3 formulas for 6-figure success. And Hélène wasn’t a 20-something year old business coach traveling the country in a van telling her followers how easy it was to create a business. Because you know, I do have a mortgage and kids in college!  Hélène is a mom, a wife and she is real. From the start I loved what she was teaching. Fast forward to me joining her online group The BOP Collective, a 1:1 conversation and a friendship quickly grew. We call one another “soul-friends” where we instantly connected as if we’d known one another for a very long time. We try to meet often via Skype  and even weekend’s away. I can honestly say it was Hélène’s encouragement to start Midlife Schmidlife.

I want this little part of our story to be encouragement to you as you are building your business. Entrepreneurship can be a little lonely…let’s face it, not everyone understand the drive. But we live in a  world now where you can easily connect online with others with similar dreams. You could find others to create a mastermind for accountability, or like me, connect with a business best friend who quickly grew into a best friend.

I was fortunate enough to have Hélène as a friend and mentor on the same journey we are discussing today and it’s why I’m so excited to share our conversation with you.

We dive right into the middle of this gap that is between “idea” and Launching a biz”. We look at places where new entrepreneurs get stuck and how to avoid FOMO Syndrome (Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome). Hélène also shares her core message of building a business along side your life not in spite of it.

building-a-biz-you-alone-were-born-to-create-with-helene-scott_pinterest1So Many Ideas and Where to Begin

The unknown of starting a new project or acting on a new idea is usually the barrier blocking new entrepreneurs from realizing that dream.  It’s important to remember that not every option has to become a business idea.

Especially if you are multi-passionate, Hélène shares, it’s important to  of gradually let an idea grow to allow for shifts and changes. This is where stumbling and trying to figure it out is a natural part of the business building process. If an idea doesn’t leave, if you keep thinking about it and if it keeps coming back, unpack it and investigate.

The best way to start that process? Break down the idea and start with  the smallest piece possible. One concept Hélène  guides her clients through she calls “Test and Pivot”. This exercise helps to develop a mindset of small actions and quick changes.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It may be frustrating starting out and wanting your business to grow quickly but during our interview, Hélène shares why its a good that building a business takes time. When you’re figuring out your voice, your offerings, the details at the beginning stages of the journey, you can stumble and no one will notice. You also get to mature as a business owner just as your business is maturing.

It’s important to remember there is no “one way”, no right or wrong way to build a business. Whatever you need to do to start: do it.

I loved the metaphor that Hélène shared: as an entrepreneur you’re going off road, you have all your survivor gear with you. It’s important to remember that in this off-road exploration, we can’t see the whole path and can only take a few steps at a time. Don’t look for the path to be fully lit, wantrepreneurs, there will never be a perfect time when you know everything . Started the actual physical steps is what will get that business launched.

You may fall down, but it feels amazing and empowering to get back up and dust off.

Hélène’s Tips to Brand on Purpose (BOP):

  1. Know your why? Why are you doing what you’re doing?
  2. How do you want your clients to feel? Have empathy and understanding for where they are.
  3. Cultivate the experience your customers will have.

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