Today’s guest is Staci Witten, a career and life strategist. Staci’s focus is helping her clients find the right career, in the right environment where they can thrive and live intentionally with life balance. Staci is not only a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) credentials and is International Coach Federation (ICF) trained by the Christian Coach Institute. Staci applies her 20+ years of corporate human resources, recruiting and business ownership background as she coaches clients. She has developed a proven and transformational process that helps professionals love their life and career while living with purpose.

Are you burned out or find your job unfulfilling and want a change? Finding a new job is more than writing your resume and LinkedIn profile. Taking a look at your values and your strengths is something to first consider.

But this episode isn’t just for those seeking a career change. Our discussion on making choices with our personal values in mind is something that many listeners need to be reminded of.

redefining-success-in-your-life-and-career-with-staci-wittenTransitioning from juggling the schedules of our children into this season of life gives us opportunity to choose what we are wanting instead of just what’s best for the family. Often, though, this “blank canvas” can be scary and Staci shares how our God-given gifts, our skills and experiences can lead us down a path of rediscovery in finding ourselves.

For anyone who hasn’t worked in a while, volunteering and looking at measurable goals (such as money raised, volunteers recruited, etc.) is a good way to start your job search. I share my story in this episode on how I discovered my gift of communication and connection through volunteering. This thread that stemmed from my original training of drafting and engineering helped me learn how to become comfortable in learning graphic programs like Photoshop and the technical needs of starting and running a podcast. Being able to trace back your own experiences and find the thread can help you discover your own strengths as well.

Know your personal values

Staci discusses the importance of defining and how being aware of our values is critical to making a successful change. Not only is this true in choosing a new career but also in the environment of the potential employee. When our careers are in conflict with our values, we feel a need to look for something more. Looking at the big picture, asking “why” plus looking our strengths can lead us toward better fulfillment in our careers.

The places where we are feeling a lack of fulfillment can often open us up to other changes.

Age is not an excuse

Staci puts on her HR hat as we discuss age in finding a new career. Through interviewing people for jobs, Staci has never taken age into account but does take into account the skill sets of the prospective employee and the culture of the company. If you can bring a certain energy, age doesn’t come into play. We cannot use age as an excuse for a career change, Schmidlifers (or much of anything else, here on Midlife Schmidlife!)

We close out the episode with a discussion about the elusive “life balance” topic. Can it really happen? Staci shares her personal experience with her husband’s kidney transplant and how she learned to adjust life balance. Discovering what life balance looks like for you allows you to make adjustments. Accepting that “stuff happens” plus knowing your values makes it easier to eliminate what’s not important.

Taking a step back and looking at what’s important allows you to make choices to show up and live a life filled with passion and purpose.

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