I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back on the air with the podcast. I’ll be honest in that 2017 was a year of not much progress for me as an entrepreneur but certainly a year of a lot of introspection.

Choosing to be Merry and Light with Kim AcedoIn looking at my life in general but also as a life coach , I can see the cycles we go through – some cycles are prosperous and we are just kicking ass left and right. While some cycles are all about clarity, while others still are about trials and lessons to learn. All of these cycles come together to make up who we are…and I think I can see a future  podcast episode in all of this.

For now though, 2017 is winding down and we are in the holiday season. To some this is a time of festivities and fun while others, this can be a time of struggle. But here is a truth, how we feel physically has a huge impact on how we feel emotionally.

And that’s why I’m so excited to have today’s guest Kim Acedo of Transformation Wellness for Women share with us her take on sustained health and small ways we can move toward living a long and healthy life.

I love Kim’s view of small changes, over a long period of time to reach optimum health. And I also love her caring way of offering support for us all to fill our own self-care cup. She believes that self-care isn’t selfish, rather it’s a very generous act.

This is a very inspirational conversation filled with laughter and of course you all know that I’ll share probably too much of my own journey.

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