How many of us view self-care as selfish? And how many of us are suffering from burnout from putting our careers and other relationships before our own self-care? Notice how these questions go hand-in-hand?

That’s where my guest Lara Heacock found herself in her mid-30’s and what led to her becoming a life & leadership coach with a focus on kindness.

In our conversation, Lara shares her journey as a high-achieving woman and what led to her realization that self-kindness needed to be brought to the top of her to-do list. We dive into bringing forth projects into the world and celebrating our journey of self-awareness.

Lara’s mission is to end burnout by using kindness and she hopes to shift the culture that glorifies burnout to one that believes self-kindness and self-care as a vehicle to success. During a 365 day challenge to bring more kindness into the world, she realized she needed to start with herself and Self-Kindness Saturday was born.

From Burnout to Self-Kindness with Lara HeacockWOW – who else wants to begin that practice??!

Lara and I are both graduates of the 9-month intensive Courageous Living Coach Certification (her in 2014 and me in 2015). Now we are members of the Leadership Team for the program and get to hang out quite a bit throughout the year.

Lara also just released a book, Practical Kindness: 52 Ways to Bring More Compassion, Courage and Kindness into Your World.

The book is set up in four sections with and easy to read chapter to read each week. I can’t recommend it enough as a way to create weekly practice of bringing more positive action into your life.

If you are someone who feels she constantly needs to be “on” and needs to be doing all the things, you will love this interview. Click the <Play> button above your tune into iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher,

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Practical Kindness: 52 Ways to Bring More Compassion, Courage and Kindness into Your World on Amazon

Lara’s Professional Bio

Lara Heacock is a Life & Leadership Coach who brings almost 20 years’ experience in Corporate America. She runs a popular personal development blog, and works with professionals and companies to help them use kindness to end the epidemic of burnout in America.