My guest today is Rachel Moriarty of Rachel Moriarty Interiors. You may remember that Rachel was my very first podcast guest when she shared her story of ditching her corporate banking job to start her own home and personal style business. I was excited when Rachel was excited to join us again and ask: Is your home going through a midlife crisis?

Is your home going through a midlife crisis? with Rachel MoriartyRachel gives us a break down of five things to spruce up our homes:

  • Declutter and clean
  • Repurpose pieces in either the same space or in a new room.
  • Fresh paint can give us
  • Reupholster
  • Purchase investment pieces

In this episode, Rachel gives us her secret advice advice about investing in pieces for your home. Here’s a hint,  she learned from her grandmother.

Not sure what your decorating style is? Funky Farmhouse? Shabby Chic? Rachel shares her philosophy on personal style and what that means to you. She basically takes away the pressure of coming up with a style and instead asks how you want to feel in a room.

We touch on creating dual-purpose rooms when the kids head off to college. Striking a balance to be place where they can come home but also staking a claim more for a space that supports us everyday.

Rachel also adds ideas for a budget-friendly ways to update your decor, from painting furniture and updating hardware to looking at consignment stores.

Downsizing? Her advice for a new home before painting or decorating, “ Live in it for awhile.”

If you are interested in working with Rachel but don’t live in the San Diego area, she offers e-services to help her clients with their own spaces.

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