In 2011, Gayle entered a contest and won a trip to Paris which was the catalyst for her starting her own health coaching practice. Her own journey taught her that doing what she loves, enjoying the beauty of the world and surrounding herself with those she loves and having her body and health in the shape to do what she wants to do. Her desire to help others do the same has lead her to learn more about hormone balance.

http://midlifeschmidlife.comHer own health journey with hypothyroidism and the women she was meeting led her to do research and make nutritionally based changes that worked for her individually.

She believes that even making one little change can create a domino effect and have you making better over all choices. She always believes that we know our bodies more than anyone and feels that “partnering” with our healthcare professionals is key to having optimum health.

Believing that we should should all fit within the “general population” for treatment isn’t always the answer. More information allows us to make us better choices that work for ourselves.

Gayle suggests taking magnesium supplements to help with common symptoms we experience in midlife. sleep, Just one addition can help with how you feel, energy, constipation thyroid support and quality of sleep. Gayle’s recommendation is 1000mg day.*

At about the 25 minute time mark in this episode, Gayle shares an explanation of how managing stress can help hormones work together and the balance of cortisol, insulin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Gayle’s passion in this information is evident and is refreshing to learn from something more than reading a boring article.

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*Please consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements or switching medication.