At age 42, Jana Martin was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. But our interview this week isn’t about cancer, it’s about a woman who chooses to use her diagnoses and recovery as a way to live fully and help others.

Making Bigger, Bolder, More Beautiful Moves with Jana MartinDuring her treatment, Jana had wanted a time and space just to breathe. With that, the dream of her non-profit The Pink Ribbon House was born.

Lessons leaded and shared

Jana shares about her journey through her diagnosis, her tests and how she made the defining choice to go forward with lightness and a sense of humor. Jana recognizes the need to let go of things and mindsets that don’t allow us to move forward. Learning to love herself and giving herself the permission to let go and not be perfect was one that helped her and one she helps others learn as well.

Cancer was the last thing that Jana thought would happen to her but shares that it is one of the best things to happen to her. She learned about her strength and her inner beauty and her determination. She fell in love with herself without the usual parts of her exterior parts. We talk about how as we age, with the changes in aging, the feelings of being invisible and the need to develop who we are on the inside.

Jana shares her love of Costa Rica in our conversation. Her intuition on about a country she had never visited before has led her “home.” It was the beauty and relaxed nature of Costa Rica that has helped her look for property to open The Pink Ribbon House.

Self-Trust leads to Self-Love

Trusting yourself, whether with a cancer diagnosis or trials in our lives can lead us into what Jana calls “scary spots.” Hitting midlife can be scary especially when our identity is tied up in raising our children. Jana was able to trust her intuition to return to her love of writing. We have a conversation about trying on different hats in midlife and how this is the perfect time to look at our skills.

For Jana, the journey of going through cancer has led her to live with intention and make bold moves. Her words of wisdom and what she has learned through her perspective are an inspiration for us all.

The laughter, the openness and realization and attitude of “bring it on” is something we all can learn from.


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