Is losing the corporate cubicle for your own business something that you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe you just don’t see how your talents can turn into a business or what your gifts are. If you can relate to any of these, my guest, Kathryn Brown of shares tips during our interview on Episode 4 of the Midlife Schmidlife Podcast.

I’m calling this episode the “Independence Celebration” event. After all, it is July 4th, Independence Day in the United States plus Kathryn just celebrated 1-month of being a full-time entrepreneur. Definitely with the celebratory fireworks this evening.

Kathryn is a productivity and work-life balance coach. When she isn’t making mixed media art, you can find her coaching high-achieving women who are ready to get more done in their day without sacrificing everything to make that happen. Kathryn helps small business owners and corporate high flyers make simple adjustments to their daily habits, streamline with systems and build their teams with confidence. Using a blended left brain-right brain approach to productivity, she helps them maximize their effectiveness so they can do more in less time and start showing up in their life the way they want. She and her husband, a fellow Canadian whom she met in California, now lives in East Tennessee with their three fur babies.

Combining your gifts and passions with Kathryn Brown

Kathryn and I are in an online group, The BOP Collective run by our business coach and strategist (and friend and future guest!), Hèléne Scott. (You’ve met two other members in previous episodes, Rachel Moriarty and Pearl Klein.) The Collective is all about owning your entrepreneurial journey and setting up and running your business you way. Kathryn shares how she does just that. From building her business while working her busy 9-to-5, to incorporating her art into her work and negotiating extra time from her full-time job. Kathryn epitomizes building a business that reflects her gifts and passions.

Coach’s Notes

Kathryn gives advice to anyone wanting to start a side biz by looking at their gifts and passions and seeing how they can help others. She also recommends taking a set time of six months, to do some exploration around this by talking to others and journaling. From my experience, I can say that this step is crucial to getting a clear picture on taking your gifts and turning them into a viable business.

When you follow Kathryn’s story, you see that she took skills from past jobs, recognized them as her gifts, and saw how she could help others be more productive in their days – in both life and business.

If you are multi-passionate and wondering how this may all work you can look at my story is how in first starting, I was able to use my online marketing and tech skills and provide virtual support services for busy entrepreneurs. Then seeing my client’s needs for a listening and guiding ear, I added in coaching. From there I realized that coaching was how I wanted to help others, and my passion was helping clients in their “middle years” refine what midlife looked for them. And Midlife Schmidlife was born!

In my example of starting my business, you can see how I started with one gift and moved to another. But the most important point to get across is that I started. I used the similar advice that Kathryn gave when I began serving clients in the evenings and weekends while working for a busy non-profit. Like Kathryn, it was hard at times. And also like Kathryn, knowing that I was building something or myself made it seem less like work and made me motivated to take chances and put in the extra time.

And finally, I want to point out how important it is to find people who support you in your entrepreneurial journey. There are online groups as well as coaches who can help you stay focused and moving forward.

Now Over To You

Many times it’s hard to realize what your gifts are. Here are three questions that help in your exploration:

  • What particular skill do friends and family request help from you? Even if it’s advice, what is the opinion most often pertain to?
  • What comes quickly to you and is hard to believe that others just don’t “get”?
  • What do you feel strongly about, your soap box beliefs, that you want to help others with?

If you need help getting some clarity around starting your own business, this is a perfect opportunity to sign up for a Midlife Clarity Session that I mentioned in the podcast. Click this link to find out more information and book your session today to take advantage of the introductory offer that is good through July 2016.

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