This is Saturday…and my episode SHOULD have been published on Wednesday.

So I’m calling this very short episode: Life Happens

I could rush and try to get out the interview I had planned but I don’t want to short the run time. It’s a great episode with Shirley Weir on taking ownership of our healthcare and talking to our doctor about perimenopause. It’s a great conversation so expect that episode next Wednesday.

when-life-happens_pinterestRight now I want to talk about when “life happens”. I know that life happens every day but in this case, I’m talking about circumstances that take over where we get overwhelmed and taking care of the task at hand takes center stage.

This happens…it could be a work or volunteer project or maybe it’s something we’ve put off and now the immediacy has taken over.

In my case, I have some changes, good changes, coming up that happened quicker than I expected and getting everything ready for this needed to happen before next week.

I will share though that what I did during this time was different than I would have handled a year ago. Instead of staying up past midnight to complete everything I felt that I “should” be doing. I’m big on looking at the “shoulds” in our lives…because often they are a self-imposed standard. Even if we feel we are letting someone else down by our actions or inactions…. Us adopting the “shoulds” in our lives can have us operating not out of our own values but expectations that can have us feeling empty.

I’ll give an example…there is a big “should” it he podcasting world about never missing a publish date, being consistent or my my gosh, your listeners will bail on you and find another show.

And I don’t disagree with showing up as promised…but feel that the Schmidlife listeners would understand. I feel you’ve been in a place that your energy was being directed elsewhere and felt that showing up the best that I could this week could maybe be an example for you to draw upon later.

So this week, I prioritized and handled what I could, offered myself some grace and understanding and moved to offer the remainder of the week the best possible outcome. No guilt. Not second guessing.

To honor the Schmidlife listeners (you!) I gave myself a couple of extra days to edit and publish this week’s episode and when I realized that I wouldn’t be honoring by cutting the run time short, I decided to record this for you. I feel that in making this decision, I’m honoring you, my next guest, and myself.
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In closing, I I want to ask how you can honor yourself today. What “should” can ask if it’s really true.. Honestly look at a thought, an expectation, a situation where “should” is coming up and ask “Is this really true that I should?”. This is a technique described by Byron Katie in her book Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life*. It’s a simple and powerful exercise to practice anytime you feel a pull in different directions because often, we’ve formed the belief systems of what we SHOULD be doing based on a one-sided perspective.


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