As a well traveled and well educated woman, fellow life coach, Maria Allyn has plenty of helpful tips and insights to share. All of her experiences have enabled her to give back to women in “the middle years” who need her help.

Even though society thinks of midlife as a negative thing, it’s really a time of awakening. We no longer need to worry about having kids, we are financially stable, we’ve learned a lot of our life lessons, and we are starting to question our legacy. We’re ready to make a mark on the world.

Giving Yourself Permission with Maria AllynGiving Yourself Permission

Maria’s Midlife Ta-Da! would have to be the fact that she finally started giving herself permission to do what she wanted to do. Being able to chart her own path gave her a sense of freedom and excitement!

Maria always wanted to get her masters degree, but she had convinced herself that it was selfish to take money out of the household and not be home with the kids. She also knew that any sort of growth might cause her to leave her marriage.

Maria gave herself permission to grow and took the leap and became her own partner.

Distractions and Self-Medicating

The world is full of distractions. We have social media and other distractions that don’t let us listen to what we really want. These distractions sway us; what does society think I should do? What was I raised to do? It takes focusing on partnering with your thoughts and moving forward. That is the only way to use your intuition as your guide and not outside forces.

There is an epidemic of women suffering; thinking they are going crazy and self-medicating. Maria’s body at one point was telling her that there needed to be a change. She went through depression and anxiety, and she was prescribed many different medications. Medications are not a bad thing, but your inner being is just crying out for something, That something is not the prescription, maybe there is a life coach that could help you take a different path.  Self-medicating does not necessarily have to refer to medicines. It can refer to alcohol, Netflix, food, or any other thing used to escape.

Disconnecting from Distractions to Find Your Joy

The first step to finding more joy in your life is to disconnect; whether an hour a day or a day a week, disconnecting from the many distractions in your life will help you to hear your own voice. Then you need to become aware of the signals your body is giving you. Take the course the butterflies in your stomach tell you to take. To get to that point you need some quiet: you need to disconnect.

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