This week’s episode is with Shirley Weir. You most likely remember Shirley from Episode 9 of the podcast when we had an open conversation about Shirley’s journey in creating Shirley’s passion is to shine light on the subject of menopause, to bring the conversation into the open and not pretend that this time in our lives is a time to be ashamed of.

talking-with-your-doctor-about-peri-menopause-with-shirley-weir_pinterestIn today’s episode, Shirley gives tips on talking to your doctor about the “experiences” (most often referred to in the medical community as “symptoms” similar to an illness or disease but Shirley is working to change that conversation) that you may be having while transitioning through peri-menopause, the 10 -15 years prior to reaching menopause.

Our conversation breaks down ways to have a productive conversation with your healthcare professional and tips to receive the outcome you are wanting.

The Conversation

Shirley’s Tips for Speaking with Your Healthcare provider:

  1. Keeping track of your “experiences” or “symptoms”.
  2. List out the questions that you may have, about what’s going on now or about the future.
  3. Be an empowered patient knowing what you want form the appointment.
  4. Know what your doctor has in their “toolkit”…they may not have the expertise you are looking for.
  5. Practice telling your story. This one is a “wowza!” Don’t miss listening in here!
  6. Be supported

Listen in for Shirley’s explanations as she goes into detail for each of these.

Even if you feel that you are too young for this episode, the reality is that peri-menopause can begin in your mid-thirties and may be an explanation for things you are going through such as brain fog, anxiety, sleepless nights and weight gain…just to name a few.

This conversation is important to your sisters, friends, daughters and wives.

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