This week’s episode is and interview with the founder of, Shirley Weir.

The non-conversation around menopause was interesting to Shirley. Topics such as religion or politics are fine to bring up at barbecues, but menopause seemed taboo. Shirley started Menopause Chicks as a personal blog that now has grown into a movement of celebration.

Cracking Open the Conversation on Menopause with Shirley Weir on Midlife Schmidlife_PinterestWe really need to erase the misconceptions we have about midlife transition, and put it out there in the open. Women deserve to have awesome information about their health!


The term “perimenopause” was only invented in the 1990’s, so it is still a relatively new term. There is very little research at this point. Shirley’s definition of menopause: it is one day, and it is the twelve-month anniversary of your last period.

Perimenopause is five or fifteen years leading up to menopause. This phase can have many different symptoms and it’s important to find the support that is needed.

The biggest surprise for Shirley is when she realized she could stop using the term “symptoms” and use the term “experiences.” Shirley is changing how we can think, talk and view menopause.

Not sure where to start? Need advice? The first place to look is yourself. We need to move away from the concept that the answers lie with somebody else.

Shirley thought that she could go to her doctor’s appointment and then expect everything to be okay, but she was disappointed in what the doctor said, so she told herself that it was all in her head. But years later she realized that many doctors are ill-informed.

The first step in finding the help you need is to consider your healthcare preferences? What is it that you want? Are you looking for a quick fix? Have as many conversations as you can, with family or friends or loved ones; it may seem uncomfortable but when you do crack open the conversation there will be other women looking to have that conversation with you. Ask about their healthcare providers and of course you can join the Menopause Chicks Facebook Community for support as well.

“Have confidence in your own abilities and have confidence in your own sense of happiness,” states Shirley.

Shirley was able to gain the happiness she has now by taking that first step. She didn’t have the big community and success she has now in mind when she first started.

Shirley’s own midlife ta-da has enabled her to be an inspiration and fill a need for others.


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