Many of my guests have started a business in midlife, but one thing that I want to be clear on Midlife Schmidlife is that this isn’t a business podcast. I have conversations with guests who take experiences from everyday life and do something extraordinary and at times that is starting a business. That is the story of this week’s guest, Mary Kathryn Johnson of

Mary Kathryn has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 13 years, but as I mentioned earlier, this episode isn’t about how she started her businesses. It’s a conversation about the lessons that she learned in her life that allowed her to take advantage of life after the age of 40.

We touch on topics such as self-care, holding tightly to our identities as moms and dangerous that can be for our children and ourselves. Mary Kathryn and I both are passionate about making changes and not staying in a rut; you will hear some powerful words spoken around this as well and how fear may be holding you back.

Episode 8: Getting Out of a Rut and Claiming Your Identity with Mary Kathryn JohnsonMary Kathryn is a go-getter, and you can tell this about her in how she overcame two broken legs while pregnant as well as her growth in being an entrepreneur over the past 13 years. I loved how she admitted though there were hard times and certainly times when many would have given up.

But Mary Kathryn embraces the bad with the good and finds not only the silver lining but the thread that leads to the next discovery. Those hard times are looked upon with appreciation and opportunity for growth.

Identity held tightly

Identity is hard when you are the parent of children who are growing and soon flying the nest. Sure, you will always be their mom, but as the distance grows they need you less and less. Who are you now that they don’t need you as much?

Believe me when I share that this was the beginning of my “unraveling” as I called it in 2010. My oldest son was graduating high school, and reality hit me hard. I was tied so tightly into the identity of “mom” that I felt I had nothing much else. My identity-crisis (but what I now call an identity-shift) was the start of many years of depression and a test to my marriage.

When you listen to the podcast, I want you to be aware of my introduction of Mary Kathryn. She doesn’t label herself just as a “wife, mom and entrepreneur” as most would. She shared with me about her love of learning, travel, and music and how she plays the cello. You get a deeper sense of who she is before we began the interview, and a connection is made. Mary Katherine doesn’t allow just one facet of herself to define who she is.

How would your introduction sound if you include more about yourself? Try it out. I’d love to have you introduce yourself to the many parts of who are of who you are in the comments below. I’ll even go first so you can learn that I am more than a transformative life coach, multi-passionate entrepreneur and empty-nester. 


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