In this week’s episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing my friend, Pearl Klein. Pearl is a wife, mother, poet, teacher, actor, director, copywriting coach and self-proclaimed imperfectionist. She lives in Seattle and sees her life as an ongoing experiment in being heard and seen and helping other women do the same. In her words: I read science fiction, fantasy, memoir, and The New Yorker (cover to cover every week). I used to be a film buff and now I’m a TV addict. With money enough and time, I’d see live theater five times a week. I have two children (the Charismatic Megafauna and Shiva, the Creator/Destroyer) who have stayed connected to me through their adolescences, for which I’m hugely grateful. My husband is a rock and I’m a butterfly who lands on him. I work from home, coffee shops, and friends’ houses.

Pearl and I have known one another for roughly two years and met in an online group for women entrepreneurs. Though the distance between Dallas and Seattle is too large to meet for regular coffee dates, Pearl and I do meet Thursday mornings at 8 am CST (6 am PST) via Skype. We work, write, laugh and sometimes cry as we share in the roller coaster of life. We don’t let distance or midlife sleep changes get in the way of our connection.

Pearl Klein on Midlife Schmidlife Podcast

In our interview today, Pearl shares the theatrical performances she has planned…one of which is in celebration of her upcoming 50th birthday. Mortality does come up a few times in our discussion not in a morbid way but in a way that only a milestone birthday can bring.

Pearl also shares her love of as a writing coach helping women craft their messages “expressively, creatively and powerfully”. There is some very powerful wisdom that Pearl offers on this. It’s something everyone should hear. This interview is open and vulnerable with many words of wisdom that I know you will enjoy.

Coach’s Notes

Pearl shares how she has accepted the different interests in her life as one instead of thinking the “phases” need to be segmented and brushed aside. The poet, the teacher, the actor, the writer, the mom, the wife (in any order) can co-exist. Embraced and woven together to create Pearl’s vision statement and purpose.

You may also identify with the label “multi-passionate.” Unfortunately, society doesn’t support this hummingbird-like character trait that seems to light from flower to flower (interest to interest) for nourishment. How frustrating it most likely was to have to choose one field of study in college or to be looked down upon because you tried painting, and then glass-blowing, and then silversmithing, and then soap-making and then web design. (Oh hey…that was my process too!). You’ve been called a jack-of-all-trades, lazy, flighty. Maybe you’ve been told that you have ADD or won’t make any progress if you don’t focus on just one thing. And this isn’t just what others have had to say; it’s also what you may have been saying to yourself.

During the Renaissance Era, someone who was well versed in many different subjects was sought after and revered. Think of Leonardo DaVinci, who was a scientist, an inventor, and artist. In 2016, we can look to Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey for multi-passionate role models. What if you did a little “Renaissance Reframe” around your identification?

Like Pearl, look for ways your many interests have a common thread that may be leading you to live lived fully. Embrace who you are and put your goodness into the world.

You can read more about being a “scanner” as author Barbara Sher calls us, in Refuse to Choose!: Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams. Also, PuttyLike is a great online community with resources and articles on embracing being a “multi-potentialite”.

Now over to you

What parts of your life can you piece together and embrace to paint a new beginning for yourself? I’d love to hear about your many interests and accomplishments and how you want to become a “Master of You.”

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