Maybe the title of this post took you by surprise. I mean, it’s coming from a life coach, someone who believes in personal growth and (re)creating your best life. But I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept of them. But from my perspective, resolutions point out our faults and don’t honor where we are…this very minute. And most often this delays our happiness until we “fix” those faults.

So I’m going to challenge you for 2017.

What if this is as good as it gets?

I don’t mean the question to be of doom and gloom. Instead I intend to have you look at living “in the now.”

What if you never lose those 40 pounds? If you knew that it wasn’t going to happen, how would it change your day-to-day? Would you start doing the things you’ve put off until you hit the magical number on the scale? Would you plan that trip? Purchase quality clothing? Would you make that doctor’s appointment that you’ve been putting off because of the scale? Would you stop putting off your happiness?

What if you never got your dream job? Would you make an effort to show up fully for your colleagues? Would you find renewed energy for that project you’ve been delaying? Would you look at your boss with a new sense of compassion?

What I’m suggesting is not to stop trying to better your life but instead, begin living “as if”.

Live as if you were your ideal weight. How would you eat? Move? Would you accept that party invitation or stay home alone with a movie and a bag of Cheetos (Yes, I’ve been there!). Would you avoid being in pictures or jump in with your greatest smile?

Live as if you had your dream job. How would you walk in to the office each morning? Show up at meetings? Treat your boss and co-workers? Would you volunteer for a new challenge or just do the minimum work expected of you? (Yes, I’ve been there, too.)

Live as if you had the marriage you’ve always wanted. How would you talk to your spouse? How would you show affection in public? How would you talk to your friends about your partner?

Living as if means not delaying happiness, it’s about adopting the lifestyle that supports where we want to go. As a bonus, you may even find that living “as if” naturally creates the results you are wanting. If you are living as a healthy and fit person, that naturally means a change in eating and activity levels. Living as if you have your dream job, means adopting a new attitude in the workplace. Living as if you have a happy marriage means treating your spouse as their ideal version of themselves.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you keep yourself in dangerous or unhealthy situations. If that’s where you are, then it’s time to make 2017 the year of courageous change. But in most cases, the courageous change we need is in our own attitude and embracing the here and now.

So let’s not put off our happiness any longer and let’s not wait until we succeed in a New Year’s Resolution that most likely has made the list again and again and yet again. Let’s start living as if we have the life we dream of.

I’d love to know how you are going start “living as if”. Leave your comments below or head over to the Facebook page and let me know.

Here’s to a kick-ass 2017 where we begin living now.



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