In this week’s episode, I introduce you to a friend of mine, Tiffany Seitz. Tiffany and I have known one another for at least 17 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have her in my circle of friends as we’ve raised our children from preschool to church choirs and youth groups and now into college.

Tiffany is 48 years old, Texas “born and bred” (that’s a Texas saying, ya’ll since Texans are very proud of their heritage) and lives the suburbs of Dallas with her husband (Richard, another good friend of mine) and two adult-ish daughters. Author by night/weekend/downtime, Tiffany is an occupational therapist by day. She crochets and reads for good mental health; drinks hot tea and wine for sanity.

During he interview, Tiffany shares that she finally figured out what she wants to be when she grows up. In 2013, she caught “the writing bug” and began writing screenplays followed by her first book in 2015. Just two days ago, she hit “Publish” on her second, and she isn’t done; there are also more writing projects on the horizon in various stages of completion.

Tiffany Seitz on Midlife Schmidlife

Even if you don’t have aspirations to become an author, there are so many excellent points to share in Tiffany’s story. For one, this is a new passion for Tiffany, and she had no formal writing training. For another, Tiffany is open to her process evolving. For her growth and learning, Tiffany has been courageous in sharing her work with a writing group who provides feedback…and sometimes that requires pretty thick skin. The courage in this act should not go unnoticed.

In our interview today, Tiffany shares more about all of this as well as a peek into her writing process and she even touches on the changes in the publishing industry that allowed her to ditch the “have to’s” and have more control over work in self-publishing.

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Coach’s Notes

After 20 years in the medical industry, Tiffany found herself wanting more in her life, not only in the way of a career but also in a way that brings in more purpose and passion.

In my opinion, this desire is typical during midlife. Often we have chosen career paths that suited the requirements of raising a family, and when the kids are flying the nest, it’s obvious that those choices don’t need to be in place any longer. You most likely have changed in the last 20 years. (For myself, I can add in a resounding “Thankfully!” to my own changes.) A career path made at age 20 may not suit us any longer or you may have even stayed home with growing children and now are wondering what to do.

An important point to notice in Tiffany’s story how she didn’t throw away her career. She chose to add in writing and is working her way toward her goal. Yes, it takes the sacrifice of time and commitment to schedule in time to write and not rely solely on when inspiration hits. After our interview, Tiffany shared that she treated her writing as a business: planning in the time needed and making sure to stick with the commitment.

Changes in the publishing industry allowed Tiffany to pursue her writing dream. Gone are the days of “have to” have an agent and “I should” work with a publishing house. Self-publishing allows Tiffany to control the content and the delivery of her product while building her confidence and identification as an author.

Have you checked in with your “should’s” and “have to’s”? Often these are limitations we put on ourselves that keep us stuck. Be curious and examine your own “should’s” and “have to’s”. Do some research and think outside of the box. Ask yourself, “Is this really true?” (Hat tip to Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is). Are there ways you can go after this dream of your without the old stories that surround it? Are these “should’s” and “have to’s” acting as a way of keeping you stuck and are really fear talking?

Now Over to You

What are ways you can “add in” working toward your change in career goals? Is there a way you can begin doing something on the side of your 9-to-5? Maybe volunteer with an organization to gain experience. Or find a mentor to teach and guide you through the transition.

Really look at if the needs you have for change are ones that require making money as a career or are there other ways to bring in the feeling of wholeness you are desiring.

Ask yourself what “shoulds” and “have to’s” are holding you back. Tiffany lets go of these to self-publish, what are some ways you can let go of yours? Technology has changed today’s workforce.

Case in point, I am typing this from my home computer at 6:00 am and I coach clients from all over the world via Skype. This practice is standard in the coaching industry while ten years ago, it would have been more common to see clients in person.

Finally, Tiffany shared how fear and insecurities will always be present. But this doesn’t stop her. She recognizes this as being her process and continues t write the paragraph that turns into a page that turns into a book. What small step can you begin today?

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