Vanessa’s openness to her curiosity has taken her down the path of many new discoveries and skills.

For Vanessa, building her coaching practice in addition to her full time job created a greater sense of fulfillment throughout her career, family and life. She began to wonder about others pursuing side projects and The Side Passion Project was born. As the community and conversations have evolved, her podcast, Doing It On The Side, will be launching in September 2016.

Vanessa and I discuss finding your passion and following your own curiosities in this episode. Plus Vanessa gives some great tips on juggling the daily tasks with projects and interests that can add more joy.

Finding and Fueling Your Passion on the Side with Vanessa SotoTime management is essential. Asking what can you take out to allow for additional room is important. The goal isn’t to cram more into your schedule but to balance your priorities. It’s also important to take a break from the side project and recognize that it is helpful to relax and recuperate for the work ahead.

Just try it

Wondering what your passion is or afraid that you don’t have one? If you have interest in something, do it. No outcome is needed, just perusing an interest can lead you onto the next.

Another important point that Vanessa shares is if there is something that you do that gives you joy, do more of it. Following the thread of what lights you up can lead to something else that you might like even more.

Don’t feel pressured to find something and make a project around it. This can quickly turn a passion into more of a job.

How do you find the thing that you’re meant to do? Sometimes it’s as simple as paying attention to what’s around you. Maybe have a notebook or a note in your phone and write down something that gives you joy.┬áThe idea that you had written down could turn into something big.

Be open

You never really know what is going to lead to the next interest and the interest after that. Being open to the curiosity is what can lead to more joy and more passion.

For her final piece of advice, Vanessa feels that its important to feel any fear that can come up in trying something new. Recognizing both the fear and the desire can motivate you further. Hold on to both of those feelings; it takes a little bit of practice, but otherwise you see something as just something you’re afraid of or something you’re just interested in. The fact is they come together. Practicing courage helps to increase your courage and can lead you toward living a life of fulfillment

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